Thursday, August 25, 2011


Have any of you ever heard of the website 20x200?  Well if not you get to hear all about it now! 

So many of us want unique, fresh art to hang on our walls but so many of us don't have the budget (that's me!).  Well, 20x200 not only gives us the opportunity to fill our walls with beautiful art it gives artists a way to connect with those of us looking for them.  20x200 features one to two pieces of art a week.  They create 200 prints of the smallest size (usually 8x11) and sell them to us for $20!  Yup, you read that right...$20!  (They also give us the option to frame the art and purchase larger sizes for a bit more money but still super reasonable.)

And I am so excited because I just purchased my first piece of art from them!  Check it out!

Lauren DiCioccio, the artist, takes pages from magazines - in this case Vogue - and turns them into art.  She assigns a color to each letter (greyscale for numbers) and creates this beautiful dot art that feels as though you could read it right off the page.  Pretty cool, right!?!?!

I also found a great video on the 20x200 website about how to frame artwork on your own and I thought it had some great tips.  Check it out here!  I love the tip about buying a basic frame but getting a custom mat.  I looked into doing that for this piece of art but it didn't work out with the frame I had chosen.  But I will use that tip in the future for sure!

I did, however, follow their rules about using a simple frame and white mat to bring all the focus onto the art.

I grabbed this simple frame from Michaels for $7.99 using a coupon.  (Have I mentioned that Michaels always has coupons for frames in the "weekly ad" on their website.  Please don't ever pay full price!)  And then I secured the art on top on the mat that came with the frame using adhesive dots, which are so handy to have around for whenever you need them!  My brand new art is now sitting on top of my cabinet turned shelf and it looks great.  I love the combination of old and new!

Now I just have to fill the rest of the shelf!  Any suggestions?

Side  Note: I was not compensated in any way by 20x200.  Not saying that I would turn down free art if they offered :)