Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's In That Sewing Basket?

Is there a term for the stage before beginner?  Pre-beginner? In-utero?  Mildly terrified?  Well, whatever you call it, that is where I am on the sewing spectrum.  I have a sewing machine.  I have had one wonderful sewing lesson from my expert sewer Sister-in-Law and I have successfully made two things, both of which only required sewing in a straight line.  And even then my line wasn't so straight.  But I am trying.

And I thought by chance there may be a few others out there just like me who have grand dreams of sewing up a storm but don't even know where to start.  So...I thought I would share my itty bit of "getting started" knowledge with you.

Step One: Buy a sewing machine!
This step kept me in the pre-pubescent phase for awhile.  I feared that I would buy a machine and all it would do was take up space.  (And my husband was pretty much certain this is exactly what would happen.)  But with the help of a birthday gift from my mom I finally took the leap.

Now I am no machine expert but I will tell you there are a number of great starter sewing machines out there for around $100.  After some research I went with the Brother XL-2600i.  It was $75 from Amazon and I am super happy with it.  

It is simple to thread, light weight, and seems pretty durable.  It also has 25 different stitches.  Now I am not saying I have used any more than one of them but someday all 25 will come in very handy I'm sure.  

Step Two:  The other essentials
Don't think it is necessary to run out and buy all kinds of fancy sewing accessories, but there are a few things that I have found invaluable.  Just wait for a good JoAnn coupon and you can buy these goodies pretty cheap!

Sewing Scissors

Seam Ripper (I mean I never make mistakes, but you may)

Sewing Gage (for measuring hems!)

Pins and a Pin Holder (the magnetic kind is so handy)

A pretty place to keep everything!

Once you have all the starter goodies check out local spots for sewing classes.  For all you locals, Madison has a great spot called The Sewcial Lounge (with such a cute name) on Monroe Street.  They offer weekly sewing classes.  As well as "sew by the hour" so you can use their machines if you aren't ready to invest in your own.  And you can set up a "Sewcial Gathering" as a sewing ladies night.  "Sew" fun!  

And if you don't have something like this in your area...hello...business idea!!!!