Monday, September 26, 2011

My Red Ladder

Bit by bit I have been bringing more color into the Family Room.  I started with the Vogue art print, then added pillows and now I have completed what I like to call my red ladder.  The idea for the red ladder started months ago when I saw a great antique ladder repurposed as a quilt holder.  I really great country look that I thought might be a little to country for my space so I took the idea and put my own spin on it.

I began with a "ladder" from Menards (our local version of Home Depot).  Except it wasn't really a ladder, it was a basic wood frame in the shape of a ladder which I found in the shelving section.  I think it is supposed to be used for framing out shelving but who knows.  It was a steal at $9 so I grabbed it!  Now this is no "ladder" for climbing.  It is not even close to sturdy enough but it was perfect for what I wanted.  I painted it Fire Engine Red (actually the color is called Ruby Red by Benjamin Moore but I think that is a horrible name except no one asked they should have!)

This red is my new obsession.  I LOVE it and you may see it pop up in a few other places!

Next I picked out two fabrics at JoAnne's.  Quickly here was my thought process on that...I was going to use throw blankets but I just wasn't finding anything I liked.  And even if I did find them I probably wouldn't let anyone take them down and use them anyway (you know, decoration not actually functional) so why not instead save a ton of money and buy a couple yards of fabrics I really like that look like they could be throws.  So that is what I did...

First I picked out this one which I loved the graphic look and the quality of the fabric.  Also I loved the fringe on the end...

...more throw looking that way.  Then I picked out a French Thule with thoughts of my husband.  He loves French Thule!  I think it is because his grandmother has very classic, traditional taste which includes a good amount of Thule and he has always loved her house.  (The man has strong opinions about odd things.  Another reason I love him.)

I folded the fabrics to look more like blankets.  Hung them on my new ladder and propped it up against the wall in the Family Room. 

I felt like I was off to a good start with this.  I liked the pop of red that coordinated with the couch, the gray that tied in with the walls, the blue that brought out the other blue accents in the room but it felt like it needed more.  So I went hunting, around the house that is, and I spruced it up a bit...

Once the art is in place on the adjoining wall (hopefully by the end of this week!) this room will be one step closer to "dang we really need new carpet".  Actually, I am kind of already there but that is an entirely different post!

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