Monday, July 25, 2011

Ms. Stewart I Expected More!

Dear Ms. Stewart (Martha to her close friends),

We have never had the pleasure of meeting.  I am not a viewer, a reader or a long time follower.  (I know... a great way to start off a letter.)  But recently I had my first encounter with one of your products and it was a total fail

I have been working on some old kitchen cabinets which I am trying to turn into something more and I wanted to try a crackle technique to give them some character. 

I was planning on following these directions but when I got to Home Depot I was informed that they did not have crackle medium but they did have this...

Martha Stewart Paintable White Crackle.  I was quickly sucked in by the pretty label and bright container (just like I am sure was planned) and I bought it.  As instructed by the directions on the back I also bought a putty knife for application.  I saw that it instructed me to apply the crackle over Martha Stewart Primer.  But seeing as how I had already sanded and primed the cabinets I figured I was good and was not about to be sucked into the "you have to buy my product and my product only" scheme.

So I got home and went right to work starting with my nicely sanded and primed cabinet.

I applied the Martha Stewart Crackle as instructed and let it dry over night.  But when I came back in the morning all I had was this...

Um, I am no crackle expert but this is not crackled AT ALL!  A total and complete FAIL

Needless to say, I am disappointed in our first adventure Ms. Stewart.  I was expecting so much more!  Or at least a little more...but I got nothing!  A perfectly good $6 down the drain.  Bummer. 

So now I go back to the sander and hope there is no permanent damage to the cabinet.

With Disappointment,

Jill at Mission Decorate

Side Note: I did not actually send this letter but if you have an address for Ms. Stewart please let me know!