Friday, October 14, 2011

Etsy Shop of the Month!

So I am a little late, well actually a lot late, on the Etsy Shop of the Month for October but this one is worth the wait!  I have been reading Diana's wonderful blog, Our Vintage Home Love, for a while now and I am constantly amazed by the beautiful pieces she dreams up to create a vintage, upcycled, classy look.

Just look at her fabulous dining room...

and bedroom...

Ahhhh gorgeous!  Well recently Diana started an Etsy Shop to sell her to-die-for Bread Boards.  (You can see a sneak peek hanging on the wall in the dining room pic above.)  Diana tells a wonderful story on her blog about how the bread boards came to be and here is just a piece of it...

"It's no secret that I have a huge love for bread boards.  And anyone that reads my blog has come to know how much love, respect and admiration I had for my dad.  My dad loved to cook, as well as, wood work and he would often share his creations with me.  I often told him of my love for bread/cutting boards and how I couldn't find just the right one or if I did, it was too expensive.  He simply said, "why don't you try making them?"  So, I did.  He died before he ever got to see them."

Diana began by making bread boards for friends as gifts and now she can't seem to make enough!  Her Etsy shop is a huge success and her bread board sets are perfect for hosting a dinner party, giving as gifts (Holidays are coming up!) or displaying on your walls.

Here are just a few samples of what you will find at Vintage Home Designs

Bread Boards

Now if you are interested in purchasing some of these lovely boards you will have to visit Vintage Home Designs on Monday mornings because Diana sells out weekly and lists more each Monday morning.  But they are worth the wait because they are just that great.  So set your alarm for Monday morning and get to shopping!