Our Home

My husband, daughter and I moved into our lovely Madison, WI house in December 2010.  Isn't she pretty!  Day by day this house becomes our home as we add our personal touch.  Here is our January "we just moved in so this is our starting point" house tour.  And here are a few of the highlights of where we are now, June 1st, 2011!

(Click any highlighted link for more details on a project or space!)

My daughter's room was the first space I completed and we love it!

The Master Bedroom was a surprise makeover for my husband!

And a one of a kind headboard and bedside table were added not to long after.

The Grand Piano Room (yes, that is what we call it) got an update as well.

The kitchen table was my biggest project to date and I am very proud of it!

And a great play area for my daughter to create and enjoy...

And many small projects along the way.  (Here are just a few!)

Stayed tuned for more!