Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Banner!

I seem to be feeling very crafty this week...a little bit unlike me!  But the weather is cooler and the house is cozier so I have been feeling more inspired to curl up on the couch and work on a crafty project then go sand and paint things in my garage.  Which all means you get another quick craft tutorial this week and this time it is an easy peasy Halloween Banner...

All you need for this one is some colored paper, rope / ribbon / twine / I'm not picky, some cute little Halloween critters and that wonderful - burn me every time I use it - hot glue gun. 

To begin I printed out "BOO!" on my computer.  Tricky...I know.  OK, it actually was a little tricky getting the size I wanted and I apologize to the trees I wasted on the extra paper.  Sorry guys. 

Once I did get the size right I cut out the letters... 

I took one piece of red paper and cut it into 4 pieces.  Then I glued the cut out letters to the red paper.  (Glue stick on burns yet.)

Then I quickly spray painted a white piece of rope I had laying around so that it would be darker and blend in a bit more.  I love how you can spray paint almost anything!  I held up the rope to the mantel to quickly measure how long I wanted it and then mapped out where the letters and little friends would go.

From there I simply hot glued the top of each paper to the string.  I also put a dab of hot glue on the string in between each letter to affix the hanging creatures (oh which I got at Michael's for a couple of bucks.  Sorry forgot to mention that.)

And to wrap it up I secured the banner to my mantel with some itty bity clear plastic Command Hooks which you totally cannot see from the front.  I guess no one is allowed to stand up on my fireplace and look more closely for a month or so :)     

So another quick craft to match the weather. 

Next up I want to create a Fall wreath.  wreath = very crafty = good chance I will screw this one up