Monday, July 9, 2012

Refined Tradition & Elegance

A while back I saw this bathroom on Pinterest

color combo

and fell in love!  The subway tile, claw foot tub, yellow polka dot floor, even the door knob are beautiful.  But what really captured my attention was the color combination.  And I knew right away that this is what I wanted in my daughter's bathroom.  But, in-spite of what I like to believe, I do not have free rein over this house.  My husband does have some say in the big (like paint) decisions.  So we came up with a plan we can both get on board with (he felt the turquoise was to "kid bathroom").

So, our plan...

We are getting started with this

Buxton Blue is from the Benjamin Moore Historic Color Collection - A collection of 174 time-honored hues...steeped in refined tradition and elegance.  Yup, my daughter's bathroom, where she splashes in the tub, splatters her My Little Pony toothpaste and tries her best to get the pee in the potty, will be refined and elegant.  That is how we roll.

Despite my claim last week that the long weekend would be project free, I did recruit my husband to help me get started on the paint so the bathroom is looking like this.

He kept hiding from the camera but I did manage to get this shot of him hard at work.

Well, at least part of him hard at work.  

I will give you one guess as to why we didn't take the paint all the way to the baseboards.


Yup, wainscoting!  We will probably do the regular chair rail height rather than this taller version, but isn't this inspiration room amazing.

We will also get rid of these horrible fixtures

which we also have in our Master Bath, by the way.  Add some towel hooks, maybe a floating shelf, possibly some art.  Love these

bathroom wall art

And possibly even replace the light fixture.

Which we have two of in our Master Bath - must have been a builders special.  Please don't ever go with a builders special cause there ain't nothing special about it!

I'm also hoping to frame out our, yup you guessed it - builders special mirror.  Check out this one that I found here

So as you can see we have big plans.  Actually they are really little plans - all little things that will hopefully add up to a BIG difference (but not a big bill).  That isn't to much to ask, is it?