Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Goat & The Horse

On our lovely vacation a couple weeks back the hubby and I were lucky enough to sneak away for some time in Sonoma.  We hit the road in my father-in-law's convertible Corvette and felt like we were 16 again.  You should have seen the ridiculous grins on our faces as we pulled out of the driveway.  Seriously, it was stupid!

We did a little wine tasting but what I was really looking forward to was walking through all the little shops lining the downtown Sonoma square and not worrying about little 2 year old hands grabbing all the breakable things off the shelves.  And while in a great local home store we stumbled upon our new friends.  Yup...the goat & the horse.

It is funny how when you are searching for art it is impossible to find but when it is the last thing on your mind you find just what you have needed all along.  Enter our new housemates...

We first saw the goat.  Actually my husband first saw the goat.  And it was love at first site for him.  (Never thought I would be jealous of a goat!)

But when we started talking about where he would go we thought we needed something (or someone) else to balance him out.  Enter Dusty - actually we haven't named them yet, but don't worry that will come very soon.

In our first conversation we thought we would put them in the dinning room but after buying them and walking out of the store my husband had a better idea (darn him for always coming up with the good stuff).  They would be perfect in the family room on either side of the TV!

As you may remember that spot is currently being filled by these guys...

My home made art from pictures I took in Chicago.  (Here are the details.)  But that was always only a temporary fix until we found something better.  And look...something better!

Don't they look awesome!  I love how the sides of the canvases are lined in burlap.

And I mean who doesn't want a goat starring them down every time they sit on the couch!  Actually I think he will be much more friendly once we name him.  Patience little goat, patience.

Once the couch arrives this room might just be complete.  25 days and counting!