Friday, December 30, 2011

From Christmas to New Years

Another Christmas has come and gone which means it is time to ring in the New Year.  We will be kicking off 2012 with family style party.  Yup...adults, kids, come one come all.  Actually my plan is fool proof.  The party will kick off early (5pm) with yummy food and a little kid chaos.  But just when things start to get out of hand, ding-dong, the babysitter arrives!  Kids + basement + movie and popcorn + babysitter = a few moments of adult sanity.  Now, I have no visions of grandeur.  We all know the kids will need us for this or that or who knows what, but even 5 minutes of adult conversation will be glorious.  Isn't that sad.

OK, so assuming the plan is a hit the next step is a little decorating.  Many of the Christmas decs have come down but others are just getting a New Year twist.  I figure no need to start from scratch!  So I started with the mantel which looked like this for Christmas...

I packed up most of the items and made an $8 splurge to buy 12 mason jars.  I stuffed the jars with a strand of lights, plugged it in and gorgeous!  I may leave this up all winter. 

Then I made some quick cut outs from fun paper I picked up at Michael's, hung them in the frame I created for the Christmas mantel and in a snap had a ready for New Years mantel!

Next I reused the N-O-E-L I created for the entryway.  Remember this

Well with a little more paper from Michael's it now looks likes this!

With hats, blowers and bead necklaces ready for party-goers.  (This was a fun little party kit I picked up at Target.)

Then I switched out the ornament filled hurricane to fit the party mood.  From gold, green and red... gold and silver. 

I spread some fresh flowers around the house and we are ready to go - adults, kids, dogs and all.  Bring on 2012!