Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm No Magician

For my next magic trick I will pull a rabbit out of this hat.  OK, not really and in truth I am hoping to find someone else to pull off my next trick, sewing cushions for our family room benches.  But before I dive into that further I have to say that I have come to accept something.  I am not a seamstress.  I would love to be, just like I would love to be a gardener but I just don't have it in me.  And I think it is crucial to stick to what you are good at and ask for help on the stuff you are not so good at, in this case sewing.  But let me get back on track...

A few days ago I ordered this fabric online from JoAnn's.

I was hoping to see it before forking over the cash but they did not carry it in my local store so I closed my eyes and clicked purchase.  I just hope we like it when it arrives, cause I bought 4 yards and once fabric is cut there is no turning back!

It's purpose, as I said above, is to become covers for the cushions I am going to make for these benches
Farmhouse Bench - Unfinished
Remember them?  I bought them a few months back on sale at  They came unfinished and we painted them black.  I 'm just now realizing I never showed you an after paint picture.  Sorry!  Well here is one now...

Yup, wonderful readers, that is what my house looks like at this very moment.  But do you see that bench hiding under all that mess.  Lovely, right?!?!  I did consider cleaning this all up before taking a pic but then I thought heck, why not share the home after 2 hours of 2 year old play.  Probably looks familiar (at least that is what I am hoping). 

The benches got three coats of black paint and a coat of "shellac" and turned out great.  And as you can see, hold up nicely to our daily lives.  So the next step is to take the above fabric (just in case you forgot)... a real seamstress that my friend recommended and have her create cushion covers for me.

Now I did consider making them myself.  I thought about using an upholstery technique kinda like the one I did here.  But the hubby and I agreed that we wanted covers that could be removed and cleaned if  when needed.  I am also considering adding white pipping and that immediately puts this project out of my range. So, don't think less of me but this job I am paying someone else to do.  Unless one of you volunteers to spend hours of your time creating covers for me for free.  Anyone? Anyone?

When all is said and done I'm hoping they look something like this

Velvet Chair Cushion with Contrast Piping 

but not in velvet, and not chair size, and with zippers or buttons...but you get the idea, I hope.

So keep your fingers crossed that we like the fabric once it arrives.  If not, I may have to have a "wear your crazy fabrics" toga party.  Want to come?