Friday, July 13, 2012

Collage It

Many designers create what they call in the business "mood boards" - a collection of ideas for a space used to give clients a taste of what to expect.  And I figure if the professionals do it then why shouldn't we!

A mood board can be a great way to organize all those crazy ideas running through your head.  Put everything together in one space and see what you've got.  And PicMonkey offers a great tool to do just that...collages.

Gather pics from various spots like Pinterest, product websites and even shots you have taken.  Put them together in one photo collage and start to see your room come to life.  Just like I did for my current project, my daughter's bathroom.

You can swap out different pics to see what you like and send it off to your stylish friends to see what they think.  A quick and easy way to get inspired!

Have a great weekend!