Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breakfast for the Bride

I had the amazing pleasure of attending the wedding of my oldest and very dear friend this weekend.  And not only was the wedding beautiful and sincere and real, it gave me the opportunity to spend a weekend in New York City.  My husband and daughter were unable to attend so I was a woman on the loose.  Well not really, but I like to remember it that way :)

As part of the wedding festivities my mother and I threw a ladies breakfast for the bride.  A wonderful opportunity for all the women, both friends & family, to gather to celebrate the occasion.  It was a wonderful event and mom and I had a great time planning it!  Because we were both traveling to NY we kept the decorations simple but everything turned out lovely. 

We began with favors...small, bright & colorful dishes filled with candy, to later be used for jewelry, nick-knacks and whatevers.

We found the bowls at Pier 1 and ordered them in a variety of colors.  Only $2 each!  We also designed and made the place cards.  We used the art from the invitation which was created by the professional artist / fiance.  Unique and fantastic!

We snuck in a quote on the back which was a line from the bride's favorite movie as a kid - The Blues Brothers.  Has anyone seen that movie?  If so I give you 2 guesses as to what the quote was.  Hmmmm?!? 

The rest of the decorations where what was to be expected - flowers in vases - but with a twist.  Rather then have a florist use plan glass vases we bought 6 vases from West Elm, had them shipped to New York and not only used them to brighten up the tables but later gave them to the bride as her wedding gift.  She was thrilled and I was a bit jealous.  Thought about taking them home for myself...but didn't. 

And my favorite filled with Chinese Lanterns...

And not to mention the view from the room was fantastic.

It was a wonderful morning, weekend and memory.  Cheers to family, friends and the power of love.  Have a great day everyone!