Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Begin at the Beginning

I admit I was a little bit daunted by the disaster that had become my DIY Room (formerly known as "My Room" - I thought a new name was needed).  But last week I promised you that I would reclaim the space and return it to its once dreamt of glory.  So the only thing to do was jump in and begin at the beginning...cleaning...ugh.

As you may remember the room has been a dumping ground for outgrown baby clothes and maternity wear mixed with the chaos of all my craft / building / creating tools.   It looks something like this...

Yes, those Easter Eggs still have candy in them (YUCK!).

I got started with the baby clothes.  In figuring that one day there might be a chance of another baby and there is a 50% possibility that baby would be a girl, I should organize all the adorable goodness, also known as baby clothes, by age.

I bought some Halloween themed tubs to go with my already existing Christmas tubs at Target.  During the holidays you can find these babies for $4.99 each and if you don't mind the colors it is a great deal!  I used the wonderful chalkboard vinyl labels I bought from Bradens Grace to label everything and by the time I was done the room already looked SO much better.    

Next I cleared off the completely cluttered table and piled everything into the closet drawers.  I did a little organizing but figured the rest would need to wait until I decided on a bookshelf / dresser / storage solution.

Then I threw away a lot of trash - paper, receipts, fabric scraps, paint samples - and I was left with a clean slate.  Ahhhhhh!

Yes, that is a paint can you see in the middle of the room.  So on to bigger and better...painting!