Monday, September 17, 2012

All About Fall

This week is all about Fall.  Easy Fall decor, Fall crafts and Fall recipes.  And I would like nothing more then for you to join in on the fun!  So here is the deal - throughout this week I ask you to share all your favorite Fall ideas on the MD Facebook page.  Just click here, "like" the MD page and then start sharing.  Share a pin, link to a recipe or add a pic of your Fall decor.  Anything (well anything Fall related and appropriate) goes.

So I thought I would kick things off with some fun Fall pumpkin craft ideas.  For most of us pumpkins scream Halloween, but these crafty pumpkin crafts can be used throughout the season to spice up your space.

My first fav is a sparkly pumpkin craft.  And because you do not have to cut this pumpkin open it will last much longer then a carved one.

These glitter pumpkins are all over the place.  I have seen them done with painted on glue or spray adhesive as they did here on HGTV.  I have a hunch that the painted on glue is a more kid friendly project if you plan to include the kiddos.  Spray adhesive is nasty stuff, but since my daughter is probably to young for this and I have a can of spray adhesive in my garage I will probably go that route.  Just hoping I don't adhere my fingers to the pumpkin ;)

OK OK so this next pumpkin craft is so last year but I loved it last year and I love it again this year.  So please excuse my unfashionable idea but I think this one could be used year after year.

book page pumpkin 034

This pumpkin is made from a paperback book and could also be done as an apple, if you are on pumpkin overload.  An apple would be a great teacher gift too!

Here (from Country Living) is a super simple idea to decorate your table.  Oh and I like the tip that goes along with it..."Candles at the dinner table should never have a fragrance." 

As soon as I find adorably cute pumpkins like this I will do this craft for sure.  And you could change out the ribbon for something more Fall rather than the Halloween feel.


This last one isn't exactly a craft but just a thought.  White pumpkins are gorgeous so use them to brighten up your Fall decor.  Just look at what they can do...

white pumkins 12 Great Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins!

{Flickr: Herz-allerliebst}

So jump into Fall...the water is warm!  And don't forget to share your ideas here.