Friday, August 26, 2011

Wonderful in Wisconsin!

I live in Wisconsin.  Have I mentioned that before?!?!  Most days it is just like living anywhere store, gym, library, park, all your basic neccesities.  But then I have a morning like I did this morning and I turn into a little kid in a candy store.  Actually more like a big kid at a vegetable and flower farm.  And that is when I know I am not in Kansas California anymore. 

My wonderful friend (Hi Anna!) and I took our daughters to The Tree Farm this morning.  In the winter The Tree Farm is exactly what you think it is...a cut your own Christmas tree farm but in the summer it is a wonderful pick you own vegetables and flowers farm.  And like all things wonderful in Wisconsin ("Wonderful in Wisconsin", I like that!  I think I will use it for the title of this post!)  it is embarrassingly inexpensive.  For $6 I got everything that you will see in the upcoming pictures, including three vases worth of flowers.  SIX BUCKS PEOPLE!  (Sorry, needed to be repeated.)  

Let's begin with all the beautiful flowers...

These now sit in a small round vase on the console table behind the TV and really brighten up the room.

The color of these beauties are amazing!  Look at then glow in the sunlight...

And these freshen up the mantel and make me smile!

Look at their texture...

There was a group of friends selecting flowers who we chatted with for a moment and they were 3 friends of a bride getting married tomorrow.  The bride had put them in charge of flowers and they were getting buckets of fabulous flowers for the big day.  They were having so much fun and probably saving so much money.  I thought it was a brilliant idea and I plan on stealing it for the next wedding I plan.  (Or the first wedding I plan, but who is counting.)

I did bring home a few vegetables but not much only because I already hit up the produce section at the
co-op this week, but there where a few things I couldn't resist.  Like this purple basil.  My husband is a basil fanatic so this is for you babe.

We also had a blast digging carrots out of the ground.  But I will say all the effort for just one carrot made me question mother nature a bit.

I also grabbed the only resonable size cucumber I could find.  The rest where the size of my head!  And then my friend took this beauty home (no not my daughter, just the squash.)

So as you can see it was a fun and productive Wisconsin morning. I can't wait to go back to cut down my Christmas tree!  (Or to point and watch while my husband cuts down my Christmas tree.)