Monday, September 24, 2012


I know I often come across as perfect...OK stop laughing.  I have faults.  I long list of them actually but today lets talk about one in particular, procrastination.  Actually I take that back, I am not a procrastinator.  I am a get really excited about something, jump in with tons of enthusiasm, get pretty far along on the project and then nothing.  I step away and it takes me forever to step back to it.  So I don't procrastinate the start.  I procrastinate the finish.

Exhibit A, the dining room.  Do you remember the dining room?  See I have trouble remembering it myself because we never use it.  So it has been so easy to ignore.  After some trial and error I did select a paint color (more on that here).  And I even put a little up on the walls.

But it has looked exactly like this ever since.  And that ever since is about 4 months ago.  Eeeek.  You know how some things just slap you in the face.  Well I just wrote those last two sentences and then sat starring at the computer for 7 minutes.  Sheesh.

But the good news is I got a little kick in the pants yesterday.  See my ultimate plan is to stencil that space above the chair rail and yesterday the stencil I have had my eye on at went on sale.  Whoot whoot!

moroccan stencil design

So this baby is in the mail on its way to me.  Which means I need to get paint up on the walls NOW!  Come on motivation, I know you are in their somewhere.

The plan is to paint, paint, paint and in no time that stencil will turn into something like this...

moroccan stencil design

But in a dining room.  My dining room that we will then have to have an adult dinner party and actually use.

Update: I wrote this post Saturday and have already painted one half of one wall.  Wow, I am on a roll now.  At this rate it will only take me 4 more months to get it done!