Monday, November 26, 2012

Wreath Week

Yup, just like Shark Week minus the teeth, chum, underwater cages and scuba gear.  We will be talking wreaths all week long!  And on Friday get ready to share your homemade holidays wreath on the MD Facebook page.

So let's get this party started with some great wreaths I have seen around town (and Pinterest).  And don't worry, the rest of the week will be some how-to's on wreaths I have made for the season.

peppermint wreath #wreath

Yummo!  And with a little patience and a lot of candy this one would be easy to make at home.  I found it here.


With some holiday fabric this wreath would be great for the season!  Check it out here.


This reminds me of the Spring Pinwheel Wreath I made and I just love it.  Here is a tutorial on how to make it!


Now I couldn't find a how-to for this one but isn't it fab!  So here is where it came from and here is how I think you could make it...find some foam balls at the craft store, glue on the start of your yarn to get going and then start wrapping until they are the size you want, then glue them onto a foam wreath form & add some sparkle with ornaments if you would like.

And if you are looking for a non-traditional wreath here is a great one from The Painted Hive.

So I hope that is enough to spark your imagination and keep you coming back for more.  On Wednesday I will show you a wreath I made for just a couple of bucks.  See you then!