Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Design Stand Still

One very ambitious afternoon not to long ago I decided to paint the main wall in our family room.  Remember?  Well, the plan was to paint this wall only but as soon as the paint hit the dried we knew the entire room needed to be done.  So that is what we did.

And I LOVE the result.  The color is amazing (Thundercloud Gray by Benjamin Moore).  Even better then expected.  It brings a wonderful cool tone to the room rather than the warm yellow cream that was there before.  So the room has been painted for a few weeks now and I have added this wall of cabinet art as well as put up the prints I bought in Door County...

It is all coming together great except for one major problem.  This...

Do you see it?  The huge empty wall.  Yes...the one desperately needing art! 

This is my "design stand still"!  We want two large pieces of bright, eye catching modern art.  Something that really pops and brings modern drama to the space.

But here is the thing...a huge statement like this should be personal, have a story, grab us when we see it.  And that takes time.  And I am not patient!  Every time I walk in the room all I see is the huge empty space.  All I think is "this room needs color"! 

I have spent hours searching the regular spots... Z Gallerie, Art.com, 20x200, but I feel like this is just not something I can quickly buy online.  This is something that we will find on a quiet afternoon while wondering the streets of a small island on a tropical vacation.  Um one problem...I live in Wisconsin not St. Thomas. 

So I continue to be at a stand still..starring at this wall...not knowing how to solve my problem.  Can you help?  Is anyone out there an amazing artist or know one?  Has anyone seen something that would be great in this space?  Do you have a favorite source for art that I have not heard about?  Please share!