Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Those Wrinkles Out

The DIY room is creeping toward the finish line and I'm having a great time pulling it all together.  Today I took on a split personality project - I little bit function, a little bit fun. 

As you all know I am on a budget so I don't have much moola to spend on wall art so I figured why not make it out of the things I know I need in the room.  I started with an ironing board.  We usually hide ours in the closet but since this space is all about creating then why not have fun with what I need to create.  So I introduced my ironing board to a little fabric paint. 

It was super simple and fun!  All I needed was some painters tape, about $4 of fabric paint, and a couple of sponge brushes.

I taped off the ironing board in a totally random, not even measured out, pattern.  I went with simple stripes but you could do just about anything.  (I also thought about chevron but didn't want to add another bold pattern to the room.) 

Then I started painting.  As always, multiple thin coats works much better then globing it on.  The yellow took a few more coats then the silver but it was all very speedy.

And while the paint was still wet I gently pulled off the tape.  To complete the project I attached two white hooks to the wall, hung it up and easy as that, I had not only a pretty place to iron but a homemade piece of something lovely for my wall.

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