Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Free Home For Your Tush

My husband and I love this little restaurant in downtown Madison that we swear has the best Italian food this side of Italy.  (Not actually sure which "side" of Italy Wisconsin is on but whatever!)  We tell everyone about including you!  If you live in Madison or are ever anywhere near Madison you must check out Papavero for lunch or dinner.  Both menus are fabulous!

Yum.  I am hungry!  But there is a reason for my telling you this.  See Sunday night we we walking by on our way to the restaurant next door (only because Papavero is closed on Sundays) and we saw this...

"FREE IKEA CHAIRS!  Authentic!  Handmade!"  Cracked me up.  And of course these...

Yes, that is me taking the chairs for a tush test drive.  Not bad, not bad at all.  And y'all know how much I like free!  $25 a piece new, but free to me makes me very happy.

The chairs were in pretty good shape.  A little wiggly and in need of tightening biggie.  And since we are often short on chairs when we have people over for dinner we snatched two right up.  And I'm sure you already guessed that I took the red ones.  I'm not one to pass up color!

So not only do you now know about a fabulous spot to eat but next time you come to our house for dinner your tush will have a home on our Favorite Restaurant Collection / Ikea Stefan chairs.  Happy sitting!