Monday, August 6, 2012

Sell, Sell, Sell

We all enjoy finding a great deal on Craig's List!  I have had some truly great successes that I am happy to brag about.  Warning, I'm about to brag...

Just to show a few!

In addition to great Craig's List purchases I have also had success in selling on Craig's List and that is what I want to talk about today.  The Nester wrote this great post about Editing which led my brain to this topic.  So I came up with these tips to help you sell on Craig's List.  Because although we love to buy, it is once in a while time to sell.  

Tips To Sell On Craig's List

1. The Basics - Write a short, concise add that includes a simple description, dimensions if applicable, price, your location and a picture.  Which leads me to my next tip...

2. You MUST include a picture - Many shoppers, myself included, will not even look at an add if it does not include a picture.  Picture tips include - clear away other items to minimize distractions, only include what you are actually selling (for example if you are selling a bed frame remove the mattress if it is not for sale) and include the brand name in a pic if expecting more money due to name recognition.  

3. Be Honest - Don't waste your time or buyers time by not including important information.  If something is broken say so!  Many people are happy to fix broken things.  but others will be very upset if they get to your house and are then told something is broken.  For example, I sold this bed 

on Craig's List for $75 even though there was this little problem...

But you know what, I just said the cross slates were broken but could be replaced right there in the add and someone swooped it up in a couple of days.  

4. Be Ready - When someone comes to look at the item please be aware of both your safety and theirs.  Whenever I respond to an add and set up a time to view an item I always ask the seller to have the item outside or in the garage.  I specifically tell them I am not comfortable coming in their house.  And I do the same when selling.  I move the item into the garage and I personally only allow people to come over when I know my husband will be home.  Your comfort level is your comfort level but please be careful!  

5. Cash Only - I assume you  know to only accept cash - those still exist??- but I also think it is important to decide before the buyer arrives if you are willing to negotiate on price.  You don't have to but many do.  If you are willing to negotiate decide up front what your bottom dollar is and stick to it.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea so it isn't the end of the word to let someone walk away.  On several occasions I have had buyers try and totally rip me off and you know what, I just said "No!" and I sold the items to someone else within a few days.  

6. Remove The Ad Once It Has Sold - I believe in good behavior to help everyone have a good experience and this is one of those rules.  Once you have sold an item please delete your add.  This not only saves buyers time but it saves you from getting unwanted emails.  And on that same note, if you have an add still posted please respond to all inquiries even if you only write a one sentence response.  Because you know how it feels to be interested in something and the seller never emails you back.  Let's all be nice ;)  

So I hope these tips will help you to get selling.  And remember the best part about selling is it gives you more money to buy...oh wait I was talking about editing, shoot!