Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wainscoting: The Real Deal

Ha!  Does my title sound like a 20/20 investigation?  Well this might be just as ground breaking...if you like wainscoting!  Because I have a product to share with you.  I am not getting paid big bucks - or any bucks for that matter - to plug this product.  I am simply doing it out of the kindness of my heart.  Kindness to you, that is.  I really don't care about the company that makes it :)

We have used this product in our upstairs bath and now our main floor bath and it is so easy and looks great to boot.  We found it at Home Depot in the lumbar section and it looks like this...

Now I am not sure why it has two names.  At the top it says Veranda and at the bottom it says Plastpro.  But either way it is called Prefinished Reversible Vinyl Wainscot.  It is a vinyl product (duh) that stands up great in a bathroom.  It does not have to be painted or patched or anything at all.  

When you buy this you will also need to buy the Trim Kit.  

It is pricier than the wood sheets but it saves so much time that I think it is worth every penny.  To adhere it to the wall you will need adhesive and I like this stuff...

Loctite makes a great adhesive.  They have several different types and I stick with the All Purpose.  And don't forget you need the gun thingy too.  (Yes, that is the official name.)

From there just follow the directions right there on the packaging.  With a few cuts and a couple of hours the job is done.  So get to work...what are you waiting for?!?!?!