Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Etsy Shop Of The Month!

It is time again for our Etsy Shop Of The Month!  And this one is coming to you just in time for the holidays!  If you keep reading you will find a 20% discount code to help you fill all that space under your tree. 

This month I present to you Jenna Sue Maps.  I came upon Jenna Sue while doing my own Christmas shopping and I fell in love.  Now I am not saying who the lucky winner is but someone in my family will be receiving a lovely map from Jenna Sue picked out just for them.  (I'm a little jealous and plan to order one for myself as soon as the giving season is over.)

From Jenna herself..."Hi there! My name is Jenna and I'm in love with all things decor & design related. This shop is a division of my main etsy shop - (which you must see) - devoted to Custom City Maps. My collection grows with every custom map order, so check back often!

Jenna is also a blogger just like me and really creates beautiful things.  Check out her blog here.

But now for a sneak peak of Jenna Sue Maps.  Let's start with my personal favorite, San Francisco...

San Francisco City Map Art Print / Choose your City & Color / 8x10

Maybe a little Madison...
Madison City Map Art Print / Choose your City & Color / 8x10

Why not Marrakesh!

Marrakesh City Map Art Print / Choose your City & Color / 8x10

Yes, she has every city you could imagine.  And if you don't see a map for, I don't know, Rifel Colorado then she will make it for you!  Jenna will also let you upgrade to a larger size and select your background color. 

They really look great as a stand alone piece or cluster a few together for an amazing gallery wall!

And to make the amazingly priced pieces even sweater Jenna is offering Mission Decorate readers a 20% discount!  Just enter the following discount code at checkout...BLOGSPOT20.  Wow, thanks Jenna you rock!