Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cabinet Doors to Art!

A warm welcome to Autumn from Space for Living and HELLO to all her readers!  Space for Living is joining us this week for This Into That.  Today's post (below) will be shared on Space for Living and Autumn will join us on Thursday to share her ideas of how This Into That can be used to organize our homes.  We can't wait!

This, ladies and gents, is my ultimate This Into That project for August.  For the cost of going to the movies, I made an entire wall of art! 

You know those cabinet doors you have been hearing so much about.  Yes, the ones I bought at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Well, I have finally put them to good use...

I bought these doors with no real plan in place so I spent the first month glancing at them every time I went in the garage thinking hmmmmm what should I do with these.  I woke up in the middle of the night several times thinking "Ah ha!  I've got it!"  Actually that is where the idea for the shelf came up.  It was about 3am and I was lying in bed not able to sleep and I thought "SHELF!"  Wow, that is just as sad as it sounds. 

Well, let me break this down for you a little bit.  I bought 4 cabinet doors for $2 a piece.  (I actually bought one more huge door, which you see behind the four doors in this pic but that is being saved for something else.)

Each door began with a different finish and color and they all received different pampering.  The small door was primed, painted, stenciled and splattered.  The cream door was sanded, primed, crackled unsuccessfully, sanded again then painted and stenciled.  The wood finish door was sanded, primed white and painted blue.  And the black door was painted with 4 coats (darn black), roughed up with the sander then given a shelf. 

One of my favorite parts of this project are the knobs.  I thought putting knobs on the doors would not only tip people off to what the things hanging on my wall originally were but I also thought it was a little playful and fun.  I bought the knobs on the same trip to the ReStore for 50 cents a piece.  Again I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time but I figured I would come up with something.  They started out looking like this...

And with some acrylic craft paint and a little creativity they came out looking like this...

The craft paint worked great, but I will say that I am not certain it is the best for knobs you will be handling everyday.  I think with more use the paint would rub off.  But since my knobs are just for show, I think they will hold up just fine.

So all in this amazing wall of art came to about $15!  $10 for the doors and knobs and about $5 in various paint.  One great way to save cash on paint is if you only need a small amount buy those handy dandy tubs of paint samples.  That is what I did for the blue and it was the perfect amount for about $3. 

So I hope you all enjoyed my This Into That project!  I can't wait to see what yall have been working on at the This Into That Party on Facebook on Wednesday, August 31st.  "Like" the Mission Decorate Facebook page to get updates and to join in on the fun.

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