Monday, October 1, 2012

Capturing Fall

Fall is in full swing in Madison, Wisconsin.  The kiddos are back in school, leaves are beginning to change colors and the weather could not be nicer.  It is truly lovely!

And when it comes to decorating I just love the colors that Fall brings.  The warm cozy oranges, greens and reds are such a welcome change from the cooler tones of Summer.  They make me want to drink tea, read a book and take in the cool fresh air.  

So I thought what better way to capture that feeling then to well...capture that feeling.  This so simple decor idea started when I spotted large glass jars at Target for $5.99 a piece.  I grabbed 4 and felt OK with spending the $23.96 because I knew exactly how I could use these babies for Fall, Halloween and Christmas decor.  WOW!  Three ideas in one!  

The first idea came together perfectly...

Leaves collected from the garden put together with simple candles, lining the front steps.

The perfect way to capture Fall!

Now I have to note that I like these even better without the jar lids on but our neighborhood has been taken over by Box-elder Bugs and so I'm hoping the lids will help keep them out, but they are sneaky little suckers so we shall see. 

And as I mentioned I have 2 more ways to use these jars so watch out...they will be back.  But nothing better then re-using especially for seasonal decor.  I think the key is to buy neutral items that can be dressed up along the way - a theme that you will see repeating itself through out the holidays because their is nothing worse (and less frugal) then spending a bunch of money on decor that you pack up and put away for 11 months out of the year!