Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Party For My Not So Little Girl is official, my little girl is 2.  And before I dive into the details of her wonderful birthday party I just gotta share with you a few of the many things I love about her...

~ She is adventurous...just like her mama.
~ She is very rarely shy.  She usually jumps right into the action.
~ She is a little bit of a tomboy.  (Love that!)
~ She has the same sense of humor as her dad.  They both think they are hilarious.
~ She is well lets just call it head strong.  On a daily basis this one can be a killer but in the long run I think it will make her great.

OK so enough about how wonderful my daughter is (truly wonderful, if you missed that) and onto the rockin' celebration!  Just 4 days ago if you looked out the window you would have thought it was April.  Blue sky, green grass and NO snow.  Which was great for everyone else but not so good for the sledding party I had planned.  But then a Birthday Miracle, the snow gods listened to all my pleading and the skies opened up and it snowed for two days.  It will all probably be melted away by next week but who cares...the sledding party was back on!

So sled we did and it was a huge hit!  Especially because the kids had been waiting all winter to pull out the saucers and snow pants.  We ignored those patches of grass and flew down that hill!

Kylie & Dad getting ready to zoom. (Yes, she looked like Randy in A Christmas Story.  "We'll put your arms down when you get to school.")

The indoor decs where a hit as well!  The Martha Stewart Pom-Poms looked great.

And the fabric bunting was my favorite.  Which you can learn more about here.

We used the left over tissue from the pom-poms to decorate the table as well as a few additional mini-pom-poms. 

We filled the table with cupcakes as well as all the fixins for the hot chocolate bar which was a huge hit to warm all those cold little hands.  Graham crackers, whip cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, the works! 

We made easy cut-outs to put above the mantel and filled the floor with balloons. 

And to finish off the grand event we gave play-doh to all the little attendees. 

It was truly a perfect afternoon.  And two cupcakes and lots of marshmallows later my little girl was happy as can be!