Friday, September 14, 2012

Where To Begin?

So many of us think we aren't creative.  We stifle our abilities to discover before we even get going because we just don't know where to begin.  Well, I am here to put an end to that because I really feel like allowing my creative mind to strive has changed my life and heck...I want to change yours!

There are endless books on creativity and I think many of them are worth checking out, but I am going to take an easier approach and help you to get started on creating something simple for your home.

My first recommendation is to borrow other people ideas.  Read blogs and magazines.  Visit Pinterest.  Find something you like and make it, but tweak it a little.  Put your own spin on it.  Even if that is just the paint color, make it your own.  Starting here will help you build confidence.  Once you get a few projects under your belt you will begin to make bigger changes and take bigger risks.

So here is an example.  Last Fall I saw this wreath on Pinterest

I had never made a wreath before in my life but I read the tutorial and it looked doable.  I stuck with the same concept and just used felt for my flowers to give it a softer look.  A small tweak that made me feel confident.

BTW,  here is how I did it.

Once you have gained some confidence allow your mind to get creative.  Have a project in mind.  Go to Michael's or JoAnn's or wherever you go and walk around.  Let your mind run wild.  Look at things you haven't looked at before until an idea comes to mind.  Then be bold and go for it.  Don't spend a ton of cash, just do something simple.  That will allow you to not worry to much if it doesn't work out.

For example, when I walked into Michael's last week I knew I needed bookends but I had no idea how or what I was going to use to make them.  So what did I do?  I wandered.  Yup, I just started walking around the store.  I went thru two or three alternate ideas before I stumbled upon the cardboard houses.  I had no idea they even sold cardboard houses or why I would want them to sell cardboard houses at Michael's but now I was thrilled they did.

Here is how these came together.

And my final piece of advice I already touched on above but it is worth restating...start cheap.  If a project you spent $10 on doesn't work out, oh well, chalk it up as a learning experience.  If a $200 project doesn't work out, plan on crying yourself to sleep for a couple of nights.  And within that don't think everything you create needs to be or will be perfect.  Perfect in your eyes is truly perfect - perfect to a guest walking thru your house is a little extra glue and a paint spot you missed.  No one will ever notice!  They will be to busy being jealous of your amazing home ;)

So take a deep breath and repeat the following ten times...I am daring, I am smart and damn it I AM CREATIVE!