Monday, August 8, 2011

A Theme For August

I have so many fun projects that I am finishing up right now and can't wait to share them with you!  And as I work away it seems that without even meaning to I have fallen upon a theme for August...This Into That!  This month that is what I will be doing, taking conventional items and using them in unconventional ways.  A great inexpensive way to decorate!

So let's get this party started...

I have been needing a little extra storage for my daughter's play area.  (Isn't it amazing how kids things just keep expanding!)  And I found a solution when wondering around the hardware store the other day.  My local ACE sells paint cans for $4.  They are new and shiny and clean and great for storing small art supplies like crayons, chalk and paints.  I picked up two cans and filled them right up.

Then I found these great "chalk labels" on Etsy and snatched them right up.  They are from Bradens Grace which has all kinds of fun labels for decorating.

I put the two together and looky what I made... storage for about $10.  I could have saved even more if I had reused old paint cans from around the house, which I plan to do next time I empty one out, but in the mean time $10 isn't to shabby!

Yes, the second can says "chalk & stuff". 

Now it is time to get your This Into That projects going!  Misison Decorate will be hosting a This Into That Party on Facebook on Wednesday, August 31st.  "Like" the Mission Decorate Facebook page to get updates and to join in on the fun.

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