Friday, March 23, 2012

A Monkey To The Rescue

The end is near my friends.  Yes, as you know from all my whining Picnik will be closing April 18th.  And as I have cried about here I have been feeling very lost.  I use Picnik to edit every single picture I take and I take a lot of pictures.  Every shot you see on Mission Decorate has been touched by Picnik.  Picnik is my friend and saying goodbye to a friend is never easy.

But as they say...when God closes a door He opens a window.  (Yes, I am pulling out the God card in reference to my website problems.)  But seriously it happened, in the form of a a woman named Jennifer.  Jennifer showed up in one of my post comments guiding me to the light...PicMonkey!  Jennifer works for PicMonkey, a new site designed by a former Picniker.  It is free and requires no registration.  And for the few minutes I have spent messing around with it I think it may be just as wonderful as my beloved friend.  Is that possible???  Oh I hope so!!!  I truly do!!!

So go check it out yourself.  Edit some shots and tell me what you think.  They seem to be very open to feedback so also share your thoughts with them at and maybe together we can make PicMonkey the perfect pet.   

BTW I have not been paid or perked or anything fun like that to share this website with you.  I just do it out of the goodness of my heart ;)