Wednesday, December 5, 2012

His Office Space: Part 2

OMG I just realized I never showed you what I pulled together for my husband's office.  I got you all excited with this post but never followed up.  What a tease!

Well you may remember it started out looking like this...

And of course I would have loved to put some paint on the walls and installed a huge picture window over-looking the lake but I had to think a little simpler - art & lighting.

I started out on Etsy and struck gold!  I found an original blueprint from the San Francisco Bay Bridge when the lower deck was still used for trains, not cars.  I didn't even know it was used for trains.  Love that!  It was not cheap but it was perfect.  I snatched it up and had it framed at Michael's.  Holy cow, also not cheap even with coupons!  But gorgeous!

And huge, which is what we wanted.  Next I added some framed pics of my daughter and I.  I know, my husband didn't have a single one.  Men!

And what is that yellow lamp nestled in with the frames?  It is the highlight of the room (no pun intended).  It is this beauty from West Elm.

Love, love, love!

You may be noticing I splurged a little more than normal on this makeover.  And yes I did in spots but this lamp and the large picture where totally worth it.  Now I also saved in some spots too.  The picture frames where both from Target - the one on the right from the Nate Berkus collection - and this next lamp was also from Target, including the lamp shade - which I'm thinking was also Nate Berkus but not certain.  His collection does a great job of bringing in some masculinity which is exactly what I was looking for.

It is hard to tell but the lamp shade is a great zig-zag pattern.  Wow, my husband is so trendy!  

So when it all came together his office went from meth lab (his words, not mine) to homey & comfortable (also his words) with just a few simple upgrades.  I call that a success!