Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get To Spraying

I am SO excited for the week ahead!  My little girl and I are going to Boulder to see our besties!  Our week will be filled with kid fun, family fun and a whole lot of girl fun.

I have a bunch of projects in the works right now.  An adorable "welcome to the world gift" for Easton who joined his wonderful family June 1st.  Can't wait to meet you little man!  My dining room is still 1/4 painted.  I also have plans for sprucing up the guest room before all kinds of family arrive in July.

But this week that is all on hold.  My daughter and I will be hitting the skies and enjoying beautiful Colorado.  Ahhhhhh.  So...today I'm coming at you with some Pinterest favorites.  As you know I love me some spray paint.  I thought I would spread the spray paint inspiration through these great finds and hopefully get your creativity flowing and paint cans spraying!

My first find is for sure on my to-do list.  You may remember that about 10 seconds after our new couch was in the family room I realized I needed some side tables.  I actually showed you these from Ballard that are way out of my price range.

Bornova Side Table

But then I found this great idea on Pinterest and I think it might be the perfect solution...

spray paint a metel trash can and flip over for an instant side table. so cool.

Anyone know what that is???  It is a metal garbage can, spray painted and turned upside-down.  How awesome is that!  I love simple solutions with amazing outcomes.

Now if you haven't noticed we are right in the thick of garage sale season.  Around here they are everywhere!  I love it.  You can always find an old worn out brass lamp at a steal of a price.  Yeah at first glace they my seem ugly but just look at what a little spray paint can do.

spray paint old brass lamps

Add a fun shade and you have an awesome garage sale treasure!

Speaking of lights, did you see my new light fixture? What...you missed it?!?!  Well check it out here.  But that has nothing to do with spray paint.  Well, actually it has a little to do with spray paint because it left me with a metal chandelier that I am seriously thinking about spray painting (once I find a new place to put it).  Which is why I love these...

Spray Paint Chandelier

spray paint chandelier

Spray paint

All spray painted and all fabulous!

So if you are craving a simple and inexpensive project while I am away grab some spray paint and add a little more color to your life.  (Or you are welcome to come by and paint the rest of my dining room.) And don't forget to share what you create!  You can do that on Facebook, in a comment below or email me at missiondecorate@gmail.com.

spray paint YES!