Friday, November 18, 2011

My hands are still vibrating

The final project to be completed for the DIY room is to refinish the Craig's List dresser I purchased a month ago...

It has been sitting in my garage since the day I brought it home...starring me down every time I walk by.  But honestly, I have been lacking motivation.  And that motivation got even harder to find as the temps have begun to drop.  Spending time in my ice cold garage is not so appealing.  But when my friend Celia asked if she could borrow my sander for a few projects of her own the clock started ticking.

I told her I would bring it by Thursday (yesterday) which provided exactly what I needed...a deadline.  Sometimes I find this is just how I work.  Give me a date something must be done by and it is done.  Tell me "whenever" and whenever might actually turn into never.

I got to work Monday.  I started with the top of the dresser, which I decided I would fully sand to remove all of the paint.  And just as I had hoped, beautiful wood popped up underneath all that paint.  Which means I am going to put a light coat of poly on the top and leave the natural wood exposed.

The rest is going to be primed and painted so all it needed was a once over to rough it up, remove the paint that was pealing and smooth out the scratches.  But it wasn't a quick job.  I worked at it Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and my hands still hurt and feel like they are experiencing a minor earthquake.  (Typing this post right now is not helping the issue!)

But it is done and ready for the next step...primer.  All I need now is someone to tell me they need to borrow my primer to make it actually happen!  Otherwise it might stay looking like this till Spring...