Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Trees

I usually avoid getting the mail but this time of year I can't wait to get to the curb and grab all the Christmas Cards.  But the question is, what do you do with all the cards once you get them inside?  How about a Christmas Card Tree?  Here are a bunch of different ideas to create your very own.

How about a Branch Christmas Card Tree from Martha Stewart?  All you need are branches, stones, ribbons, a hole punch and some wire.  Click here to get the details.  


If your looking for a more modern idea try a String Christmas Card Tree!  My Poppet gives you the how-to on this fun idea.

String wall christmas tree

My good friend Liz set up a small Christmas Tree (yes, a real one that came from the ground) in her entry way to hang all the cards from.  Similar to this...

Christmas Card Ornaments

Here is another tree Little Lucy Lu.  And I love this one because it can be used year after year!

So lots of ideas to get your cards up and looking pretty.  But if you have been procrastinating and still haven't gotten those cards in the mail here are some fun ideas to inspire that Christmas Card Pic!

A photo like this would make the cutest Christmas card ever!


Fantastic idea for a Christmas card! Of course next year there will be another handsome little man in the photo...he could easily be added into this type of photo :)


Christmas photo ideas


I think we should get the whole family to pose like this and send out the pic as our Christmas card - it would be so touching.


What fun idea did you come up with this year for your Christmas Card?