Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Shopping

Good morning everyone.  I'm hoping you all had a great weekend!  And I'm hoping you all saw my Facebook note that Target was having an online Home Sale.  (If not maybe it is time to like Mission Decorate on FB!)  Well, we made good use of the sale if you didn't so not to worry. 

Do you remember this post when I mentioned our idea to add benches to our family room?  Something like this...

We talked about building something but as my husband so eloquently expressed "I don't want them to look ghetto" and to be honest there was a good chance of that happening.  But of course I didn't want to just buy a finished product either.  Not only because I love personalizing and creating but also because what we want is expensive!  Like these benches we spotted at Ballard Design for $325.00 a piece...EEK!

Classic Bench

So while browsing the Target online home sale for anything that caught my eye I stumbled upon this...

Farmhouse Bench - Unfinished
The "Unfinished Farmhouse Bench" for $89...YES PLEASE!  Its like it was calling my name- unfinished, the perfect size and in need of some DIY upholstery - Jill, Jill Buy Me! So I did, I bought 2 actually.  Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered (with Free Shipping to boot).  I can't wait!

And in addition to the benches I also had another Craig's List adventure.  I call them adventures because honestly they always are.  There is always some interesting story or person I meet.  Or in this case an adventurous drive home with my trunk tied shut with one piece of string and a dresser hanging out the back.  But all worth it (and the $40 I spent) for this find...

With some paint and sprucing up it is going to be perfect storage in the DIY room!

So a pretty successful weekend of shopping and saving.  Ahhh, the perfect combination of bliss.  I hope your weekends were as fabulous!